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You belong here!

The idea is to be able to do all the movements at YOUR OWN capacity and we will help you do this!


The LOX Performance is a 20.000 sq. multi-purpose fitness facility, with four different training areas available, including a weight room. We also have a smoothies bar, bathrooms and showers.

At The LOX, we offer fitness solutions for all levels and needs in a fun, inclusive environment. We offer a No Sweat Intro, which is a 1-on-1 conversation where you can learn more about The LOX without the pressure of having to do a workout on your very first day. We'll discuss your goals, exercise and nutrition history. By learning more about you, we can make a custom recommendation that's specific to you and your goals. We will decide together what works best for you!

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We are a wellness community

Everyone has specific goals, different starting points, training age varies, availability, and maybe even old

or current injures. Our primary goal is to approach clients as individuals and incorporate training methods that target the individual needs and most important provides LONG TERM RESULTS.

Can fitness be for everyone? ABSOLUTELY! Our methodology focuses on “functional movements”,

which basically means exercises that has real-life function and are all applicable to real life sceneries: picking up a heavy box, running to catch an airplane, even lifting and squatting your kid to your shoulders.

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