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Baseball Programs

Private and Semi-Private Training

Our hitting experts personally program each lesson for the individual player and focus on their personal skills and weaknesses. Lessons are designed for athletes looking to make maximal gains in their throwing and hitting speeds. Each athlete gets tested on their Exit Velocity, 3D Swing Analysis, Swing Metrics, and much more.

With some of the biggest names in the sport using this same format, we are proud to claim that The LOX has the most comprehensive and effective throwing and hitting formula in the industry by far; 5 to 10 MPH increases in throwing and exit velos, while maintaining and enhancing athletes’ physical health. Just ask Manny.


Baseball Player Assessment 

One-on-one session with a coach to test the player's metrics in skills such as 30-yd dash, baseball specific drills, exit velocity, and much more.

This is an opportunity for the coach to gain a good understanding of the athlete's weaknesses to turn them into strengths, and a good understanding of the athlete's strengths to enhance them. 

Summer Training Program

For those of you that are familiar with the I AM Brand, you know we develop top players in their divisions. This is not by luck. I AM has been focusing on player development since our inception.


In our summer training program we will test raw talent, teach proper technique and fundamentals, prepare through repetition training, retest technique applied, and more!


The goal with the camp is to work with "all in" players and help develop them to be the best in their class.


The program will run from June 14th - July 26th and will be in one-week increments. Schedule will be 9am-12pm Monday through Friday for ages 8-13. All positions.




1 Week - $175


2 Weeks - $150 per week


3 Weeks - $125 per week

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